Nasa 928


Interesting flight doing loops around Patrick AFB.


And with two hours left in that flight at the time of that post, I guess there’s time for plenty more.


Is NASA928 really “Unknown Owner”? :slight_smile:


I think that’s a glitch caused because they have the only 4 character operator prefix, so our system is looking for NAS.


As indicated by the “W,” the WB-57’s mission is weather research so I imagine many of the flights it does will have unusual routings.


Looks like NASA’s got a bunch of T-38’s in the skies today.


Practicing traffic patterns! :open_mouth:



This could be the reason. … mission_11

Not sure if I did that right but there is a launch scheduled for around 1:30 PM Eastern


Winds delay launch of NASA’s Pluto probe

They’ll try again tomorrow.