Space Shuttle to FL on Sunday


I know you can often see Nasa t-38 and Super Guppy. Anyone have a clue if you can track the 747 flying the shuttle back?


Yes. The aircraft are NASA911 and NASA905.

Not sure which will be bringing the shuttle back.

FYI: If you know the tail number of a NASA aircraft then you can track it by entering NASA and the digits only of the tail number.


That’ll be fun. I will tack them on to my flight alerts temporarily.


It will probably be NASA911 since that one is currently at Edwards.


Flight is slated for Sunday.

Day 1
Dep EDW @ 0625 PST
Arr DMA @ 0755 MST

Dep DMA @ 1025 MST
Arr LTS @ 1430 MST

Day 2
Dep LTS @ 0710 CST
Arr CBM @ 0910 CST

Dep CBM @ 1140 CST
Arr TTS @ 1425 EST

It will be 911. 905 is down for MX (#4 engine is off and it’s #1 is currently on 911)

Alternates are:

Davis Monthan - Biggs AFF
Altus - Dyess AFB
Columbus - Little Rock AFB
SLF - McDill AFB

Pathfinder is a C-17

911 Returns to EDW via Ellington on 12/15


Looks like it’s pushed back til tomorrow, … 2080.story

wonder if the times are the same?


FRR will be this afternoon. Latest news is the SCA will leave no earlier than 0630 PST Monday. I’ll update the times when I get them. FWIW, delay is due to mating the tailcone. Issue has been resolved but put them behind.


Thanks for the update. I remember the day in 1984 when the 747 with Shuttle aboard did a couple laps around the city of New Orleans at what looked like 500 feet. Just an incredible sight and sound and would love to see it again. Don’t guess they do those “PR” tours anymore.


While the tail number is correct, the N905 page takes you to a T-38 rather than the first SCA.


This flight shows no activity for the last 7 months. I have the feeling the last flight was entered incorrectly as far as the type is concerned.

Could someone at FlightAware look this up? Thanks in advance.


Two new items. One, might not have a set of updated times until tomorrow. Two, weather is looking a little iffy. Comment was made about a storm system that is running through Mon/Tues and they may wait it out. If I see anything tonight, I’ll update.


here ya go


Um, yeah… nothing new there…


Just got the news. Bumped til Tuesday due to WX. Will reassess time tomorrow.


NASA905 as a T38 is in the data from the FAA; probably someone just used the wrong number.


I can assure you that NASA905 is the first SCA as seen from this image:

Now if I may plug a website, here is a great place to track the status of the mating operations, and it seems that the flight will be delayed until Wednesday pending weather:


I’m not doubting you. I know N905NA is a 747. It should be using the call sign NASA905. I was curious to see if the last flight entered using NASA905 has the wrong aircraft type entered.


Shuttle is on the SCA. Still talking about a 9AM PDT Wednesday departure.



No details yet. Looks like Edwards-Fort Worth-Lousiana-KSC with landing Friday.

Orbiter : OV-105 (DFRC)
Dryden Turnaround Operations:
Orbiter hard mate to the SCA, and sling disconnect were completed yesterday.
SCA ferry flight departure is scheduled for 1000 EST today, with an expected arrival at KSC Thursday or Friday depending on weather.