Tracking the Space Shuttle Carrier aircraft


Does anybody know if it is possible to track the Space Shuttle Carrier aircraft here?

I would love to take some pictures when it arrives back at KSC this weekend.

The tail numbers of the converted B-747 are
N905NA and N911NA

Do they use special call signs?



It seems that most aircraft operated by nasa use the call sign NASA like this DC-8.

I’m not sure if this is the case for the Shuttle Carrier, but i believe it will be either…





…the flight that costs about $2 million.

Shuttle program is over after 2010. The new technology after the shuttle just might return to earth the old fashioned way, plop in the ocean.

Looking forward to FlightAware tracking the flights to Mars. :smiling_imp:


As long as its on an IFR flight plan with the FAA :laughing:


It is now enroute, presently on the ground in Amarillo.
Here is another fun one:


Does anyone have any idea what todays flight plan for the shuttle carrier aircraft is? In the past they’ve landed at Tinker AFB, OK.


Why would the shuttle be flying from Texas to Nebraska?

It seems like some odd routing to get to Florida…


Maybe overnighting there??


Well they are headed to OFFUTT this time from amarillo!!


Yeah, I was wondering the same thing. Maybe they are trying to work around the weather and RON at Offut


NASA 902 and NASA 932 one of the T-38s and the DC-9 are also headed to OFFUTT maybe clearing for weather to the south.


Maybe Offutt has the best O club in the midwest.


Naw, the Tinker Club is better! That plus Tinker is the home of the world famous Tinker Burger


The weather from east Texas all the way to the east coast of Florida is pretty bumpy with 45 to 60 thousand foot clouds, hail, turbulence and of course thunder storms. Why they went to Nebraska and not hold at El Paso, I am not sure, other than guessing that Nebraska is north of the bad weather and maybe they intend on flying around it.


The world’s best newspaper has coverage

“It’s always very interesting to see the reactions of people across the U.S. when they see the space shuttle. It’s just a combination of awe and beauty and gee whiz,” said David Mumme, a NASA research pilot who flew the 747.

The unusual cargo strapped to the 747’s roof does make piloting more challenging, Mumme said.

“It feels like you’re in very turbulent weather for the whole flight. There’s a lot of vibration the whole way,” he said.


Saw it in person yesterday evening… Beautiful site! Due to security issues, I couldn’t bring a camera. Otherwise, I’d post up a picture!


The flight to KY has been scheduled for the morning of Monday Jul 2. I wonder if it will get to its home Monday, tuesday or they will hold it till July 4th. Aviation photography is my hobby, I wish I had the time to drive up to cape canaveral and photograph the jumbo jet + shuttle. in the meantime I will settle for this


All 3 aircraft NASA 902,NASA 932 and NASA 905 are on the move to CAMPBELL ARMY AIRFIELD,KHOP for those who want to track it.


When the Shuttle Carrier Aircraft (SCA) is carrying the Shuttle, altitude is limited to FL240. This is due to thermal stress issues with various systems in the Orbiter. At that altitude, the SCA is a huge collection of drag. They have to stop mid-continent to refuel. As others have posted, they have to stay clear of weather. That probably explains the strange routing last week.