Found this one out of KCLE:

Not many DC9s around these days (except for the NWA flights…)


It’s the “Vomit Comet II” (N932NA) which replaced the more famous C-135 (Boeing 707) used for zero-G experience flights.

I see there is another thread already going on this:


Do you know of any other NASA flights, where/why they operate? Does FlightAware have any tracks of test flights out of Edwards?


The expanded arrivals and departure boards for KEDW has a few NASA flights, including a BE20 and an ER2.


Also, NASA flies several T-38s and others out of KEFD.


Youre right, quite a few actually. The T38 flights have interesting tracks. This one isnt a T38 but the track is even more strange…reminds me of some of my students trying to track a localizer. … /KEFD/KEFD


You know, of course, that the W in WB-57 indicates that it is a weather research aircraft. Hence, the strange (your students’ tracking of localizers) route.


Here is a pdf if interested

or a link to Nasa WB-57 Project page


I monitor KCLE regularly, and I’ve tracked that DC-9 quite a bit. It often flies up north and circles around over Michigan (You can’t smell the vomit over the stench of the Wolverines there :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: ) and returns to KCLE.

Go Bucks!!


I’ve seen a couple of nasa’s t-38’s flying as far north as ksln, i’m not really sure why they’d come to ks.