Here’s a P3 Orion flying not too far from my location (CYSG).


First time I “see” a Nasa aircraft near.


So do I. That’s interesting. I tried to find another NASA flights but there wasn’t any…


NASA has a few T38s flying at the moment, as well as a Learjet (NASA616) and a Super Guppy (NASA941).


I was looking at AMA’s (amarillo, tx) airspace noon yesterday (3/29) waiting for my flight back to Austin. NASA941 showed up on the screen inbound from Campbell AFB (Kentucky?). Got my blood flowing, got my camera out, it touched down around 1325, had pics up on my website 5 minutes later. Took some of her parked at the end of the terminal.

Never seen a Super Guppy in person. Pretty cool.

A C-17 (need to look at the pics for tail no.) was doing touch and goes all morning too. Got some pics of her taxiing back after a full stop. Amarillo has quite a bit of tanker/cargo traffic with the Osprey Assembly hangers being there. oh, and yeah, they have 2 ospreys there buzzing around (hard to take pics of them).

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Care to share the URL???

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sure, I’ll post some pics soon, need to crop / resize them so I dont kill my bandwidth too much… or maybe I should start upping them to