Can FLightaware track shuttle Endeavor's final flilght?


I want to track Endeavor’s flight but don’t know how to find the flight # or tail#. Any suggestions?


I’ll make a ‘me too’ post in hopes that somebody has the answer. Here is a decent story in the Washington Post about its general route. I am particularly interested in knowing its proximity to Phoenix when it flies from White Sands to Edwards next Wednesday.


I think the last one was blocked. Here’s the carrier heading there…


It will be NASA905 if we can track it. They positioned the SCA to Florida 2 days ago.

We’re not sure if we will be able to track this retirement. We received information for one of the earlier retirements, but not for the most recent retirement to DC.


I too would like to get information on scheduling for thr last shuttle fly-by here in Sacramento, Ca.
The weather here has been hot and clear so as the weather has it should be great for a viewing on the fly-by!

:slight_smile: Still what time???


So far, The Bee has what we’re looking for: … clude.html

Also posted in the Squawks.



Trying again tomorrow, scheduled 7:15am EDT departure


It has not showed up on the tracker yet. I even tried to follow anything taking off from KTTS. Oh well. Maybe I’ll get lucky and see in over Panama City.


A flight plan was filed under the tail number, but it looks like they’ve taken measures to keep the real flight away from the public.


That is disappointing.


Well seeing they are making a stop in El Paso and they have a T38 Escorts. You can track the T38’s :slight_smile: Right now over Central Texas.

Listed as NASA130


That T38 took off a couple hours after the SCA did. A couple FlightAware crew went out to Ellington for photos this morning and saw the DC9 pathfinder take off, followed by another T38, followed by the SCA.


This post is useless without pics!!! :laughing:


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