What happened to the " All Flights " feature

Anyone know what happened to the " All Flights " feature that used to be located next to the photo of flights being tracked ? Will this be coming back ?

Works for me.

Screen shot ?

Thanks for the reply , after some looking around I have noticed that it is only on the NASA flights that this has now disappeared from. Was there 2 days ago but now gone.

We made a change to the way 4 letter airline codes (NASA/NOAA/DOVE) are handled and it looks like we lost that link for those three.

You can always bookmark flightaware.com/live/fleet/NASA or go to Browse by Operator under Live Tracking in the left hand menu.

Many thanks for the the reply’s.

Or the possessive.

Mark, I don’t have a specific Browse by Operator choice and if I just put NASA or NOAA in the Airline box in Airline Flight Tracker it wants a flight number. I have a cousin’s son that flies for NOAA out of Monterey, CA and it would be fun to see if he is up.
If I use the bookmark as referenced then something shows up but the track by fleet stuff is to the right of the map display. I will use the bookmark for now.

Oh, Duh, never mind. :unamused: :blush:

I like the way it works now better than before. All flights gives you a list of all flights for an airline and tracks gives you all flights for an aircraft type. Much quicker to manipulate than a map with a mess on it. Good move. Thanks, Jan / near CID

One thing I could do before and cannot do now is get all of one airline, or all of one aircraft type, then zero in and find out (for instance), how many of that airline or type were in a particular geographical area, such as Iowa.

Someone noted before that they kept getting a very wide view to begin with. Three or four clicks on the “+” sign gets me down to the 20-mile scale when this occasionally happens to me. It still tends to center on my airport of choice. This does not happen often.

Does eliminating the map display of, say, all United flights or all 737-600’s and giving a listing, instead, reduce processing time or capacity? Or could both options be implemented?

Does any of this have something to do with the now-world-wide information available?

Thanks, Jan

Oh, cool! Now it does both! It pans way out, but rap on the plus button and drag the map back where you need it and you can see anything in any area in seconds. Way to go, guys. This thing is coming along nicely. - Jan in Iowa