Multiple A/C

I was previously an air traffic controller and now and Exec. Admin a busy executive that flys several times a week. He has also graciously has offered my flight following/tracking experience to several of his other exec friends or if his family is headed in another direction from him on a flight - he knows when they takeoff, when they land, if I’m coordinating arrival times I can provide gate information for meeting locations by using the airline sites as well.

I would love to be able to track several flights at the same time it would make my life so much better. I use your sight all the time along with Its nearly a science now!

Thanks for the site & service!

One option is open FA in multiple tabs with Firefox or IE and put each individual flight in it’s own tab. I know, that makes for a lot of tabs, but it is one option.

Check out My FlightAware.

Oh, yea. That, too.

I was thinking tracking them on screen all at the same time…

Is there a way to see all Angel Flight aircraft currently in the system with something like a wildcard in the tail number like NGF*, NGF??? or CMF*? for humanitarian flights.

You can also put the 3 letter prefix in the fleet tracking page.

Perfect. Thanks!