Two suggestions and a minor bug

Hi FA folks,

First, a great big thank you for putting together such an excellent site. (I am significantly less productive now than before I started following flights via FA and LiveATC, but I can hardly blame you guys for that. :astonished: )

I have two minor suggestions regarding your otherwise excellent, elegant page layout. Both of these have to do with the flight tracker page for a given airport.

  • For the two pairs of panels below the local-area map (Arrivals and Departures [top]; En Route/Scheduled to and Scheduled Departures [bottom]), consider adding the ability to collapse each panel pair (or individual panel) into just the header bar. One example of this is the little triangle that appears at the left edge of the list view of a folder in Mac OS Finder; a similar idiom exists in Windows Explorer as well. This would allow you to, for example, just look at scheduled arrivals and departures, or only at flights already arrived and departed. This would be good since it would open up some more vertical screen real estate—as it is, I often find myself scrolling up and down in the browser window between the live map and the list of flights.

  • For the two “scheduled” panels, consider highlighting estimated/filed flight times in orange when the flights have not taken off or landed by those times instead of replacing the times with the (less informative) “delayed.” This is consistent with the notation that appears in orange on individual flight tracker pages, and would make the display a bit more readable.

The bug report is a minor one, but it’s annoying. On the current Firefox (13.0) running on Mac OS 10.6.8, I often have a the tracking page for a given airport open in one tab, and the tracking page for a particular flight in another. When I move back and forth between the tabs using a keyboard shortcut (on the Mac, this is Fn+Ctrl+{up-,down-}arrow), the map on the destination tab (that is, the one I switch to) sometimes moves. It seems as though the Javascript that handles panning sometimes picks up keystrokes that were not destined for the map. I cannot reproduce this 100% reliably, and I have no idea if it’s Mac-specific or more general, but it might be worth a quick look.

Other than that, kudos on an excellent site, and keep up the great work.