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As usual, you folks are the greatest!

I especially like the WX with the METAR mouseover effect. I wonder if it would be practical to make this a multi-line display with the full METAR, and maybe TAF, too, in addition to the arrival/departure info. The tool tip disappears faster than I can decipher the METAR. Being a pilot, this is one of the items that I keep close watch on.

Now you are going to have to put a “My FlightAware” link on the top of the Discussions page so I can get there faster! Gee, no matter what you do, somebody always wants more! :smiley:

Great work!


Thanks – and you can expect a more intelligent menu bar on the discussions forums in the future; they need to be able to figure out if you’re logged in and link accordingly.

What browser are you using and how long does the “tool tip” stay present for? On Mac OS X in Safari, it’s indefinite and on Firefox, it will stay present for 5 seconds.


I guess I’m ashamed to admit that I’m about the only one on IE 6. It stays on for about 5 seconds. I don’t think it’s configurable.

Maybe I read METARs slowly. Worse for a TAF, the next forecast update comes out by the time I get it all translated! Actually not that bad, just feels like it. UTC conversion slows me down.