Recent minor improvements, quasi-announcement.

Hi, folks. This isn’t really worthy of a real announcement in the “Announcements” forum or on FlightAware News. However, due to popular demand, here’s a list of a handful of minor improvements to over the last few days:

  • Flight tracking page now links to “Flight Finder” to allow quick searches of flights flying the same route (origin->destination)

  • Mouse hover pop-up over airspeed to convert mach to knots or vice versa.

  • Support IATA codes (i.e. CO → COA, WN → SWA, etc) for many airlines. This feature supports many of the “express” codeshares like FlightAware has in the past, of course.

  • Show (-1) in adition to (+1) in situations where flight arrived in day prior to departure.

  • Correct HTML render bug in some browsers on flight track page.

  • Correct issues where departure time is missing (usually for international flights), so invalid or outdated information was shown.

  • Back-end improvements to real time position update systems.

  • Resolve bug that occasionally showed “unable to process request” error when tracking international flights, specifically to/from Asia.

Major improvements in the pipeline, but hopefully everyone is enjoying these improvements if you haven’t noticed already.

I love these little new features that you guys are always implementing :smiley:

Definately the best flight tracking website on the web, and its all for free. You guys are the best :smiley:

I did notice some of these this week! Thanks for your continued GREAT work on FlightAware 8)

As of Saturday morning, we rolled out some map performance improvements as well as a couple fixes for airport maps. Airport maps now show data extending to the full width of the displayed range (previously the furthest left and right points didn’t show aircraft) and also a glitch was fixed where sometimes a very long track would show for an aircraft that was inconsistent with how fast it was moving.

Another Saturday morning code push where we released support for non-Javascript browsers (mostly PDAs, WebTV, etc). They can now login/logout as well as view the big map pop-up windows. The real-time searches of airline names and airport codes still isn’t supported without JS yet.

Just FYI, was not able to logon main FA website, though I was able to log on the discussion flightaware website.

Palm life drive with Blazer web browser is the equipment I am using for wireless.


Hi, Allen. Could you tell me some more about exactly what happens?

Hi, Allen. Could you tell me some more about exactly what happens?

Hi DBaker,

Unfortunately, nothing happens when I click on the link log on. The page doesn’t proceed further. I have it booked marked from my tailnumber then the main page. Do you think that would make a difference? Navigating “unsecure pages” does not seem to be a problem (i.e. selecting flights and so on)

On the discussion groups, there is a seperate log on field that showed up at the bottom of the page rather then the normal top of the page.

I do have the web browser set to optimize web page rather then wide view, so I would have expected the main FA web page to behave the same way, I guess…


I love these new features that you are always implementing

Definately the best flight tracking website , and its all for free.

And you update alot you guys are great.

Missed this yesterday – we improved “time since arrival” messages and increased the availability of the “track log” link from one to three days, although eventually (very soon) it will always be available.

I like the new “delayed” report for arrivals. However, one still has to refer to the flight tracking module to see what’s happening. Often one finds a duplicate flight plan for the same time frame, indicating a change of plans and destination airports. The flight may have already landed at the alternate airport but is still listed as delayed at the original destination airport.

Is there any way you can screen “delayed” flights and reconfigure the report to “cancelled” or “aborted” when an alternate plan was flown?