Some suggestions about the new improvements


To the FlightAware team,

I love the enhancements that were rolled out today. This strengthens FlightAware’s position as the best flight tracker (and my favorite site!) on the net. I especially love the ability to see where a aircraft is coming from as well as OUT / OFF / ON / IN times.

Two suggestions:

  1. Would it be possible to include the “track inbound flight” link for ALL flights, not just flights that haven’t departed? I realize the info is no longer relevant to most users after a flight leaves, but for an enthusiast, it can be fun to see an aircraft’s line of flying throughout the day. I assume you have this data, so it would seem to me easy to make it accessible even after a flight has departed.

  2. Replace the two “Departure” and “Arrival” lines on the main flight tracker screen with four rows for OUT / OFF / ON / IN. This information is so critical and valuable to someone tracking a flight that it seems too obscured right now behind the “Scheduled” / “Estimated” links.

Just some suggestions from a big fan. Also, I noticed that some capability to see tail numbers for some commercial flights is coming – very exciting!

Thanks for all your hard work.


Yes, the feature is new so data is still rolling in…however, it will always be available – before, during, and after a flight.

  1. Replace the two “Departure” and “Arrival” lines on the main flight tracker screen with four rows for OUT / OFF / ON / IN. This information is so critical and valuable to someone tracking a flight that it seems too obscured right now behind the “Scheduled” / “Estimated” links.

We’re working on this…it is a challenge to display enough information to power users but also not clutter it for people just trying to glance and get valid information. You can expect the flight page to be re-worked in the next few weeks to be more intuitive and have more information.

Thanks for your ideas & support!


Would adding this info to be available to a customizable page layout beyond what is currently available an option in the future? That could potentially solve both the request and possible “clutter issue”.


One work around could be to leave departure and arrival as is but make them clickable links to the additional detail the power users would want (text annotation below the words departure / arrival - click for more details).


Dang Pika, beat me by three minutes. The one time I “didn’t preview” :stuck_out_tongue:


Is it still possible to get tracking info by text message, I don’t get emails on my phone?


speedy: Only one of your alerts is set to send to both your regular email address and your phone. You can change it to also send mobile alerts if you edit the alert.


Any chance the map detail for Canada can be improved? The details don’t even include the outline of the Great Lakes and only show the lake detail to the border in the middle of the lake i.e. Lake Ontario or Lake Erie.

The same level of geographic detail for Canada as seen for US would be helpful when zoomed in on flights crossing Canadian territory.


this looks great, esp “track inbound flight” which to my knowledge is unavailable at any airline website/mobile app except CO

I’m still wondering, however, when mileage info (Great Circle, as-filed, as-flown) will be available for posterity … the progress bar is updated during flight, but disappears after landing


thanks for getting the “direct / filed / flown” mileage info on the tracks … my remaining question is whether “flown” includes mileage between the airport and the beginning/end of the track

both the map and the track log for … /KCMH/KDCA
cut off about 2 miles from the approach end of runway 19


Logically thinking, I would think the actual tracking would be flown miles shown by the track line excluding gaps as you describe…

It is very common to see the track break prior to the end of the runway. In my own flights, once I get get handed off to tower, I have been marked “arrived” even though I have not landed and the track ends where I got handed off. On departures, it is also common to see a gap from the departure end of the runway to where the pilot contacts approach in my own experiences.

Most of my flying is out of an uncontrolled airport so my track ends when I cancel IFR which can range 20 miles out from the airport and the tracked miles will be not the full filed amount because the tracking stopped when I canceled IFR.

Anyhow my thoughts for what they are worth :slight_smile:


at some airports (KDAY and KDTW come to mind since I have tracked many of my flights in and out of there) airline tracks have fairly large gaps that don’t always align with the runway in use, but that would make sense considering you can get a “cleared visual” before turning base


When will US Airways’ tail numbers be up for tracking?