FlightAware Re-Design Feedback

Long time FlightAware user here. I really appreciate the service you are providing.

Spent a few hours today interacting with the new design. There data points that I find useful but overall I am having some issues navigating the new layout. Some suggestions for the admins:

[li] The altitude direction indicator was a really nice visual cue to let me know what was happening while in flight. Sometimes I thought we were descending but I wasn’t really sure without checking. Now I have to go to the graph page to look at the status instead of getting the visual on the main summary screen.[/li][li] The departure and arrival time boxes are confusing to me. I think it is just a right/left up/down visual thing but I find it hard to read. I find myself having trouble picking out the most important data points (actual and estimated). Maybe some additional color coding might help denote flight status indicators? The previous layout with the red numbers when things were bad was helpful.[/li][li] I would prefer flight data to be above the airline information pane.[/li]
I’m sure I’ll come up with more as I use the page but I wanted to get these out there in hopes of getting your feedback.