New Flight Aware homepage layout comments

For some reason I am not seeing the whole page in MSIE 7. I have to "control and “-” (minus) to shrink the font and view the full page.

I can’t upload screenshot from work but if you want to see it, I can email it or upload it later when I get home

I have to scroll right and left to view the temperatures on the right side on current conditions.

Will the current conditions section be configurable in the future as I don’t see any options in my profile?

Layout appears normal on FF 3.6

John in Saudi

The layout looks great. I like the new look.

It’s cool. Just got to get familiar with it… :slight_smile:

Why are some words in black, while most of them are in blue?

Airport names in black, airport and plane identifiers in blue here. Looks perfectly normal to me.

Going against the comments so far, I’m not too thrilled about it. It’s too “busy” for me. Too much on one page.

Instead of the delay map, I’d like to see the map that shows all flights.

However, it’s probably going to stay like this so I guess I’ll have to get use to it.

I would change “Private Flight Tracker” to “Track a flight” so people realize that they can enter either a general aviation flight ID or a call sign flight ID. Better yet, put this where the “quickly and easily track a flight” is.

Make the picture above “quickly and easily track a flight” smaller so more of the items below it can be seen without scrolling. Better yet, get rid of that picture all together or move it to the bottom.

Uh, look below it. They have created two separate areas for that. One for private, one for airline, which could be useful for those that may not know that AAL*** is for American Airlines.

I know that.

Yes, yes, yes!

Great new layout. I love it! Fts perfectly to the wide screen, better display map, and easy to read.

Congratulations for fine tuning an already great product. I am definately putting it as my home page (with my local airport).

Bill :smiley:

hmmm, I don’t see a “quickly and easily track a flight” or a picture. Maybe because of my location.

Should be immediately to the right of the orange boxes private tracker / airline tracker and below the lower left corner of the top picture.

Airline name and flight number or text boxes to be filled in by you.

Seems to duplicate the orange box airline tracker to me???

I like the new look too!

But I’m with Allen on the “fit screen” thing with IE. :confused:

And how about listing the “Current Conditions” locations alphabetically?..

That’s what I was wondering. On that page I see half of the types of a/c in black, half are in blue and some of the origin I.D.'s are black. Don’t know what’s the problem.

The flight numbers/IDs in black are the ones that you have already clicked on ond viewed as a full page. Same as other programs, like Google. The link changes colour after you viewed it.

Even after deleting my history and everything, it’s still there. I’m using Chrome.

Nevermind, it’s all good now.


The overall layout looks okay to me in the latest Opera. However, there are 2 bits I really don’t like and those are the changes of the past flight dates into a light blue on a white background, and the flight details to the right of the map which are now a light green on a white background. I have a very slight colour deficiency and it is nigh on impossible to read what the writing says. Can it be changed to black or at least dark grey like it used to be so that I can read what they say? As it stands this site is currently useless to me now. :cry:


I noticed all of the E45X’s are in black, but not E145…? And Night Cargo and 1 or 2 COA are in black? :confused: