New FA Home Page I Like it.

Quite a new design for the FA Website Home Page. So far I like it. It seems to flow easier between topics and sections. I also like the latest updates to the IPhone App. Thanks FA Staff

Thanks! It took a lot of work from a lot of people to bring you the new site design. We like it and we’re glad to see that you do as well. It is always gratifying when the initial feedback on big changes is positive.

Happy birthday, FlightAware!

Still can’t upload pictures to the forum? :frowning:

Can you please try uploading the photos using this link -

Are you receiving an error when uploading them?[/quote]

I think jepolch is referring to forum post attachments, which we have disabled.

Correct. It would be a blessing to be able to upload pictures to the forum, particularly in the ADS-B antenna thread, where a picture is worth a 1000 words! :smiley:

Thank you for considering it. By the way, can’t you limit attachments to common graphic formats, and leave out questionable types like .js and .doc?

I like the new look but the menu on the bottom (copper like colour) and “Forgot the flight number?” are harder to see on the darker header background.

Img box still works?

When you go under ‘live flight tracking’ and click ‘browse by airport’ then type in the code, airport information page shows up, would be better if it went right to ‘live flight tracking’ page for the selected airport.

Sure, TinyPic works, too. But images don’t remain forever in 3rd party hosting sites.

By the way, I do like the look of the site with the changes. Uploading attachments would be my only request.

And Happy Birthday FlightAware!

Congratulations to the FA staff! This was an awesome upgrade all around. The extra real estate provided by moving the menu from the left to the top is surprisingly significant! The interface also looks much more “fresh” and clean all around.

I’ve always been astounded by the FA staff’s interaction with the users here in the forum. I chuckle every time that I see DBaker post a reply to a simple query. 8) I just wish every service provider would be so attentive and engaged with it’s users. Keep up the good work guys, you’re a model of how it should be done!

The new entry box at the top of the page where you can enter a specific airport, city, etc is much faster than the old entry boxes on the side of the home page. At least on my computer the old side entry boxes had a weird 1-3 second delay/lag when I entered an airport code. The new search bar is much faster without any lag. I’m still in a learning curve on the changes but I still think the new design was a major improvement.

Glad you noticed this. Our internal name for this feature is OmniSearch.

I like that the CHAT button is closer to the surface. It shows on the more general interest tabs, just not on ADS-B, Photos, Squawks, and Discussions. Better placement than originally- somewhere under the contact page on the left panel of yore.

Question:. Previously (in the BX era - before 10th anniversary), the CHAT button would appear only during normal working hours when the desk was staffed. Will that behavior persist, will the chat button be visible 24/7 whether active or not?

The chat button will only appear when our office is open and there are people available to take chat requests.

I completely agree with all of the comments by citation750xl. The “OmniBox” is a great improvement over the individual category searches on the left hand side in the previous UI. I don’t know if it’s just my imagination, but eliminating that seems to have increased the viewing area of the maps as well. Overall, I think the new look (especially the colors) and functionality of the Home Page is an excellent improvement. I’m generally tired of websites changing things (major reason I don’t use Facebook any longer) for the sake of a new look and perceived improvements in usability, but you got a winner here, FlightAware. Thank you!!