Love the New Look!


I thought I clicked on a different link in my favorites, LOL

I really like it; It’s all fancy looking now! :stuck_out_tongue:


Awesome look!!
Keep up the good work guys.


Wow, take a vacation and everything changes while I’m gone. Great new look, (love the airplane icons on the radar screen) Nice new layout and easy to navigate. Also love the airport info. I don’t have to check Airnav anymore. Thanks! Keep up the awesome work and get some sleep once in a while guys!! :laughing:

One question…on the “My FlightAware” page, my screen cuts off almost the entire word “Destination” under the next flight status and there is no left/right scroller at the bottom of the page. Is this just me?


To quote my 13 year old.

It rocks…


Thanks so much for the support, everyone. Everything new that we release reflects a lot of people’s time and hard work, so it’s exciting to see such fast and positive feedback.


I agree with all of the above. Surprised when I went to the site today. Awesome look!!!


Nope, me too. Other than that, I like the new look…


**WOW ! **

The new look is just Great !!


I really like the new look too. Looks very professional.

One observation I have is with regards to the text color. The grey on grey seems to blend together a lot. Can we customize out own colors?

Considering that it’s free it’s perfect as is…just passing on my thoughts.

Cheers and keep up the excellent work!!


New screens look great !


I second that…this looks really cool now… thanks for putting in all the hard work…you guys did a great job.


Last night when I came home from work and looked in on FA, everything was normal. When I got up this morning, it looks like I’m on a different planet! First thing was to check the calendar to make sure I hadn’t slept for several days! No, just one night… But Toto, this sure isn’t Kansas anymore!

New look is great! Keep up the good work. Gotta go… Lots of exploring to do on my favorite web site!!!

PS. First thing I noticed was the link to My FlightAware from Discussions. THANKS! Don’t care that it might ask me for a login. I stay logged in all the time anyway, so it’s a non-issue.


Wow, looks great, the design could flow a little better in places but such a big improvement over the previous layout. I’d been wondering when that great logo that was on the Error pages was going to make its way to the main site! Great job Team FlightAware!


Great job!!
Kudos for your good work!



WOW oh WOW! The new site is beautiful! Fantastic job guys, really!


Yeah, I found it rather amusing that our expensive, agency-produced logo made its first appearance on the error page. :wink:

Seriously, thank you all for the kudos for the new site. Pretty much the entire development staff (including managers) pulled an all-nighter to turn it up, and seeing y’all’s acknowledgments provided a nice pick-me-up as a few of us night (day?) owls have continued to monitor the servers, log files, etc, to help ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible.


wow! imagine my surprise when I click on the link that I always go to and the totally new look comes up! Very nice job, guys! I love all the recent improvements…but I really hope you get the zoomable map!!!

One comment - about the Live Tracking page with the different airplane types. I do not see any link on that page to enter another aircraft type, only the 6 that are listed. And for those 6 plane types and airports, would it be possible to have them change for example listing the 6 most popular aircraft type searches?



The page is, we’ll add a link on the main page soon.


It’s awesome… I woke up this morning and it was totally new…

Keep up the good work. Any plan on having a downloadable tracker?


WOW!!! THANKS! :open_mouth: :smiley: