New Layout of Airport Tracking Pages

I just noticed the new layout on airport tracking pages. Am I the only one who doesn’t like it?

What do you not like about it? The map is larger, there’s less wasted space, more links to relevant content, and fewer distracting colors throughout.

I like them. Good to have the “info” tabs at the top of the airport page.

I do like the tabs at the top, but they removed the flight frequency graph. I feel that was a very unique feature to this site and it’s a shame that it is gone.

Add in some of the orange color that was once there and I think it would look much better. The layout is better, I must admit.

There is a link to the graphs at the bottom and we’ll see if we can include some graph or make that more prominent.

Thanks – it is possible that some of the orange comes back.

Each person has different likes so you can’t please everybody.

I like this new layout. I don’t care if the charts aren’t there because I hardly ever looked at them.

No need to bring the orange back. The pages look fine as they are.

Seems a lot more organized, IMHO.

YEAH, like the links at the top, much, much better in accessibility (especially the IFR stuff)

I’m beginning to like it better. Perhaps a future option could be included to allow registered users to customize the view, using either the new or old style.

Looks good to me… :smiley:

Perfect. Like everyone else, I like the links at the top also. Two thumbs up. :smiley:

I like it!

Am I the only one who hates to scroll down to see the lower information fields? Get rid of the “add space” in the middle of the page so that the lower fields will show up without scrolling.

If the resolution of your display does not show the bottom fields without scrolling now, they were not visible in the old layout either without scrolling.

I have changed nothing in my display, and the old page showed the lower fields within the normal view. The lines seem to be taller on the new page. Perhaps this has increased the height of the page. The blank ad space in the center may also contribute to this.

Ah, I see, in further testing of the old design, I can reproduce what you’re describing.

Good job on the layout.

I would also like to see this feature. Thank you for listening to our input.