Flight Tracker Map on the airport page


This map would be much easier to read if it ONLY displayed aircraft arriving and departing that specific airport. Currently I get all the traffic nearby and they clutter the screen with unwanted information. Thanks.

Also, I work at an FBO and I’m comparing your flight tracking site with a purchased version from another company. So far you are holding your own. Congratulations. I like the site and I hope you can keep the advertising revenue up to keep the site going.


We’re working on various filtering options for the maps. Keep an eye on the site.


I agree with Brad, and I too am looking forward to the filtering systems. Here at CLE, I’ve been using it to keep track of our inbounds and departures, and so far it is fantastic. We have the paid version of Passur as well, but due to the filters we have set up, we cannot immediately access the departure info, or track anything more than 250 miles out. We keep it zoomed to within 20 miles of the field on the arrivals end and we don’t move it around too much. With yours, I can look at whatever I want whenever I want without messing with our Passur settings.