Ultimate Flight tracker, and its FREE!

Whoever came up with this site was a genious.
Ive spent a long time searching far and wide looking for a good flight tracker, and this one is clearly the best. Other ones like FBO web or flyte
com only show you basic info and never update and to get great features such as fleet watch or local airspace monitor, you have to dish out some money, and expose yourself to I.D. theft. But you guys have most of those great features and then some, but not for 29.99 a year, but for FREE! Your Airport activity monitor shows ALL the traffic around the airport, not just one single flight that you have to change screens to check another flight.Your toolbars are simple to use making it very easy to check another flight.

Another Question-How do you keep all the same services the big guys offer for $$$ for free? :wink: :smiley: :smiley:

Ahh, dbaker’s salary is paid in peanuts.

With better technology than the “big guys” with none of the cost, it’s only a matter of time (months?) before flightaware is The Big Guy. And then maybe it’s cashew time.

Hi, I’m a new registered user and I had to come on here to say that whoever started this site is a genius - this is by far the best flight tracking site out there for the price. And as if it could not get better it did - with the new maps.

Simply awesome, and I hope you guys keep it up. I’m sending a link to all my aviation enthusiast friends to help spread the word.


Yea, those other guys better watch out. I wish there were more things online that were for free. :wink:

any of you visit ailiners.net? its an awesome site, but to state your mind in the forum requires a membership. here, we can all talk with each other and feel that were on the same level as everybody else.

Oh do I! I have about 2,400 photos on there and counting. My collection is massive. I have the largest aount of photos from Wisconsin probably, mostly from GRB, MKE, and Oshkosh.


What do I like MOST about Flightaware? ALL of the poll choices!!

Ditto to what tobyz1 says

If only it had an “all of the above” option, I’d be set.

Now if there was I fleet tracking option, I’d be in seventh heaven!

I guess sixth heaven is close enough…for now. :smiley: