The big picture...

Okay folks, maybe it has been mentioned before, but I have never seen it addressed this way, so here it goes. I would LOVE to see a map like the one on the home page with all the red dots, but with a click and drag zoom box that would let you zoom down to a certain area. Then, just a simple mouse over type interface to let you just browse around at who’s who in the air in that area. I love the tracker and spend a lot of the time tracking our fleet as do the other crew members, sometimes we get bored and just want to browse around at who is in the air without having to be so specific in our searches. Other than that, this is THE BEST free tracker I’ve ever used! Keep it up guys, what a great service!

Hi, midwestjet and welcome to FlightAware.

Thanks for the kind words & let me assure you that everything you’ve described is on the way.