New Features for FlightAware Radar Maps


The new FlightAware map is going to REALLY spiffy and cool!

Here are my suggestions:

  1. Be able to get a radar map for specific lat/lon coordinates by entering them.

  2. Be able to enter a time and date and get the radar map for that time. This would be very useful for people who dont have access to FlightAware when a jet at low altitude flies over or notice a flight while theyre driving.

  3. A choice of different types of maps with varying detail. Another step up from the current FlightAware map would be something like what has.

  4. Has the option to place the waypoints of the route on the map. The waypoints will be shown as they are in Jeppesen charts. (i.e. A VOR/DME will have the same symbol as they are shown on Jeppesen charts. GPS waypoints, NDBs, etc.)

  5. Has the option to include famous, historical, or other notable places with an adjustable range width (i.e. 10 nm, 25nm, or 50 nm) on either side of the ATC cleared route. This will also include mountain ranges or mountains, larger lakes, all airports, major highways, National Parks, etc.


Go for it, CCX!! Of course, what you wrote are only suggestions and the FA developers may have had very different ideas. Hopefully, they won’t hold up the release just so they can add your suggestions in.

My additions (in addition to pan/zoom enhancements) would involve clicking of the aircraft shown to open that plane’s tracking page and having the mouse-hover trigger an htm ‘alternate title’ opening with flight info, including origination/destination cities (or airports).

I’m eagerly anticipating the map upgrade release (as I have been since almost forever).


Are / Were you privy to a preview that the rest of us common folks have not seen?

Inquiring minds would like to know as you wrote the above like you actually have seen the new maps?



No, I have not seen any “preview” maps. I meant that if FA implemented my suggestions the new map would look “REALLY spiffy and cool!”