Recent FlightAware enhancements


Hi, everyone. The past couple weeks have been pretty busy here, so this is an announcement to cover a variety of enhancements and changes that we’ve made.

First, as of yesterday evening, we upgraded our NEXRAD weather overlay from 2km to 1km, which is a huge improvement in resolution. The radar images should appear significantly less granulated now when you’re on a flight that zooms the map in close to the weather. You can look forward to significant improvements that reduce occasional ground “clutter” (represented in light blue sometimes) around major metro areas.

Second, we’ve been deploying significant infrastructure improvements over the last week as a result of the capital investment that we’ve been putting into our back-end processing, data serving, and image generation network and systems. Everyone should notice much snappier performance from FlightAware applications and rest assured that we continue to expand our infrastructure to accommodate the constantly growing demand for our services.

Third, we’ve been addressing and resolving a handful of back-end glitches that have resulted in missing flights as well as inconsistencies between the tracking data displayed on the map and information displayed on the web page itself. Additionally, we now have support for diverted flights and they should be properly reflected on the tracking pages from now on. Although we have yet to reprocess historical data with our new improvements, we expect that past problems should not be an issue in the future and that our improvements will allow for better international flight support. We have some more improvements to finalize before we will re-process the year to allow completely accurate historical data.

We have a lot in store for the coming weeks & months, so please continue to keep an eye on this announcement area as well as the FlightAware web site for future upgrades and improvements. If you’ve been impressed by FlightAware thus far, you will be amazed to see what we currently have in development.

Thanks for using FlightAware.