What's up with CLE?



First off, let me tell you how much I have been enjoying this site! I use it at work here at KCLE Hopkins airport all the time. This site truly has many features others don’t, and for that I thank you!

Now, on to my question:

I am looking at KCLE, and when I pull up the en-route page there is only one flight listed, when I know for a fact there are many flights inbound that are not showing. I think this problem is showing up at other airports as well. Is something up with the system?

Appreciate all your hard work,



Disregard. It appears your whole system is down, and I can only assume you are working on it!



All set now. There was a service interruption between about 3am and 9am CDT although no data was lost. The graphs, however, may present some incorrect assumptions but that will be fixed.


Thank you! Yes, it appears to be working fine now. We do use Passur here at the airport, but we keep it preset to a limited number of settings so we don’t have the flexibility of information that yours does. We enjoy it!


That’s great. We’d love to hear more about how you use it and how you’d like to be able to use it. We’d definitely be interested in considering examples of missing features or functionality that would really help you out.

I think you’ll be impressed with our next generation maps that should be released soon. High quality, zoomable images with radar overlay that can track a specific flight or an airport area.


No problems here, I just wanted to add my own thanks to you for this fantastic site. I’ve been spending a lot of time at this one lately while listening to various ATC feeds. I’m really enjoying all the great features here.


Your next generation of maps sounds exciting. A larger more precise map is definately in order! Sounds like you are heading in the proper direction with the overlays and zoomability.

Not everyone here at Hopkins uses this site, although I am spreading the word. ( I do not work for the airport, but for the dominant carrier here.)As I stated previously, we do use Passur in our operations center, and it is a very powerful and excellent program that is our primary tool for monitoring arrivals in live time. It is clickable and zoomable, with a variety of filters at our disposal. Since we feed the display to a number of positions within our operation, we leave it set at a twenty mile radius and only show the inbounds. As a ramp controller, ( and a dedicated airplane geek,) I like to have more info at my disposal, and this site puts it all together nicely.


Any day or week can we expect this?
It be nice for me to know; I am flying next week and a new map would be perfect for me in flight!


Please see this post for more information about new maps.