Flight not listed


Today there’s a flight leaving KEGE (Eagle CO in Colorado) that three other flight tracking services show, but my old rusty trust Flight Aware does not.

Wonder what might be that issue.


Aircraft ident?


Hello, and thanks, been a while. It’s Delta Flight 9700 from KEGE to KATL, departing about now, give or take a bit. Delta shows it “awaiting takeoff”, others “has not departed” etc. I’m not ruling out of course it’s my fault, just missing it or something. Thanks again.


DAL9700 shows the Scheduled flight and it’s on here as well:



Thanks dbaker, but I swear to goodness it Just showed up! Else I’ve completely lost my lick. (if I ever had it) I searched every way in the world I know, just couldn’t come up with it.

I appreciate it.

Have a good one.