Flight Missing from Live Tracking

Yes, I am a newbie.

But Delta 65 is missing from your tracker today (12/8/10) It shows the 2nd leg from KATL to KLAS, but not the originating flight from EGCC/MAN into KATL.

It doesn’t show up on the Activity / History log for DAL 65 either?

I know it may not show on the tracking map until closer to US Airspace, but the one day I am tracking a specific flight, I feel left out in the cold?

Can Anyone Help? :cry:

The flight is now listed in the activity list.

And the now the flight plan is showing up on the map. But says the aircraft has only flown 49 miles. But it has been airborne for nearly 4.5 hours (almost halfway into it’s flight)

Still “Thank You” for fixing it.

Helluva head wind!