Missing flights from Activity log

I was flying N708AF for the past 2 days. We flew:
MHT-OWD-MTN-GAI-MPO on thursday and
All flights were IFR, and the flights were available in the track log when I viewed them on Thursday and Friday.
Today, when I view the Activity Log, half of those flights are gone.
Older flights, from the 17th and older are there, but all of the flights from Thursday and the MPO-MTN-OWD flights from Friday are gone.
The flights do show up in the activity logs for the respective airports.
MPO Departures
Both MTN Departures , Thurs and Fri N708AF
Any thoughts Mduell?

By the way, I’m not surprised that the ACK-IZG track is unavailable, there was some confusion by ATC, the ACK “automatic clearance something orother” equipment was down when we left (the weather when we left: picture) <–thats what 1000ft RVR looks like. And once airborne 2 different controllers thought we were going to Pease, but in their defense, they were extremely busy with the weather in and around BOS at the time. (wish the map was available, we did some pretty good weaving and dodging around the storms!)

You say you saw them in the track log shortly afterward, but now they’re missing from the Activity Log. If that’s correct, it sounds like those legs were missing departure/arrival messages, so the additional position reports for those flgihts were just appended to the tracklog as they were received, like a VFR flight would appear.

Im sorry that was a mistake on my part. The flights were in the activity log Thursday and Friday, everything was normal until I looked at it today.

Ok, we’ll look at the ASDI logs and see if we can figure out when and why it dropped out.

I flew N530V from KDAN to 47A yesterday. The keg to KDAN is showing but the Leg home is not at all. I filed for the home leg but ATC did not have it when I tried to pick it up after departure. ATC gave us GPS direct instead of waypoints. Any ideas why the home leg is missing.

I also have some missing flights. I flew 735CY from ANW to UNU on July 20th on a ground-filed IFR flight plan, and that flight’s not there. I also airfiled IFR from OSH to BBW on July 29th, and from P14 to L35 on the 30th. None of those flights show up. The last flight on there is one of my partners to his IFR checkride a month ago.

Just to update you all, we’ve looked into it and all those flights appear to be normal.

Please keep posting disappearing flights and we’ll continue to look for reasons.