Flights dropping off when zoom or move is used

Hi Guys,

Looks like we have a nice day for contrailing today, and I fired up my FlightAware to see what’s “up”, and I’m having an issue I’ve never had before. I’m using the map for KBKL as my base map because it’s closest to my house, but this same thing happens when I use KCLE and others as well.

Here’s what’s happening; I pull up the map and at the default setting I can see all the targets. Whenever I manipulate the map, blow it up, zoom in, or move up, down, left, or right, everything disappears. I can get everything back if I zoom way back out, but if I move it or anything else, it’s all gone again. It’s sporadic, but happens every session. I usually open up my base airport, then click on the large map. I use my mouse scroll button to zoom in and out, and use the left-click-grab trick to move it around, and have become well versed on using the maps after all these years, but I’ve never encountered this. It’s messing with my technique and a bit frustrating to boot!

It worked fine yesterday, just something weird going on today and wondered if you could shed some light? I’m using the latest version of Firefox if that helps.


Well, what do you know? I no sooner posted this when it seems to have resolved itself. It seems to be working properly again…yay!

It’s a feature. We only display about 300 flights on a map (browser performance issues with more) so if you zoom out so far that more than 300 flights would be displayed we choose random* flights to display within the window.

  • It’s not nearly random, but it appears that way.

Thanks for the reply, but yeah, I know about that. This was different…all the flights would disappear altogether. It’s still working fine right now, but if it happens again I’ll let you know!