Maps not updating ??


Maps not being updated on Firefox or IE on different machines.

Syntax error on airport_status_bigmap.rvt

Monitoring KSFO. Anyone else having problem ?


Not getting any error message on either IE or Firefox - not seeing any maps either.


Working again. Checked OAK and SJC while SFO was playing up and they were both fine.


Coverage is very spotty tonight. Trying to track flight out of KDAY and map will zoom to right spot, but no flight shows.


What flight?


It was AAL1224 (KDAY/KDFW). It would track for about five minutes and then the track would disappear. I would have to go through clicking on KDAY and finding the flight again, then attempting to track it again. It must have been the system, because when the track went away, the log for that flight showed “no data” at the same time. FLight has landed now though.

Most times, tracking a flight works perfectly. Maybe the thunderstorms across the midwest?


I don’t see any gaps in positions for that flight, so it should have been constantly updating.


When I was finally able to get the log for the flight there were no gaps either. I am sure it was just the visible display on the map because when I clicked “track flight” the map would move to the right position, but no course line or airplane icon would show. If I set the page to refresh itself every 30 seconds the track and icon would appear once in a while.

Using the new Firefox 5.0 browser (I had this also happen in earlier versions of FF too, so it may not be the browser).