Bring back the airport graphs

Hi everyone,

I think that the graphs need to be reintroduced back onto the main screen of the airport. I found that as my favorite feature of this website. Whether or not you put it back will not affect whether or not I use this site, but I would greatly appreciate it if you do put them back.



Maybe it could be moved to the top as a tab instead of down below in related links?

Ain’t nothing wrong with were they are located now. I’m actually for all of the tabs at the top to be relocated to the bottom to allow for more good information the screen (i.e. relocating the tabs would add another couple of lines to the data I’m looking at).

Everyone’s data needs are different. I actually find the charts to be uninteresting.

Another vote for bringing them back, or allow users to set up their screen they want.

Cascade wants them… so I’m voting “No”.

Just keeping up appearances as an inane, trash-talking, message-board clown. :wink:

I was kind of thinking along the lines of Cascade. I agree with damiross that everyone’s needs/wants are different. I personally don’t really care for the maps, but prefer the graphs. Others, I’m sure, are vice versa. If we could set it up the way we want, it would be really great.

What does any of that have to do with this thread?

Dear Santa,

Please bring Cascade a sense of humor and understanding of sarcasm for Christmas.



All Santa’s bringing to Cascade’s house is a lump of coal!