Airport activity graphs/statistics

Once upon a time, there was an unassuming link off one of the extended information pages for an airport that displayed a four-graph depiction of the airport’s arrival/departure rates for varying time periods.

I was curious to note the dropoff and partial service resumption at several airports affected by hurricane Sandy, and went poking about looking for these graphics, but I can no longer seem to find them.

Does this feature still exist in FA? If not, when did it leave?

It was a neat way of noting when the busy periods of airport operations were. I haven’t used that feature in some months, but I used to use it to learn the better times to be on LiveATC to follow the action.

We discontinued the graphs earlier this year before the replacement was ready to phase out some hardware. The replacement has been delayed by a dissatisfaction with one potential replacement and other priorities. Stay tuned for their return.

Woohoo, that sounds awesome. Thanks!

I still really miss seeing the graphs of airport traffic. Maybe there is a way to provide a very simple data api so that people can build their own graphs and voulme analysis. Since there are already api’s available, it could follow the same framework and not add any server load by hosting graphs on the website itself. Very little info is actually necessary to produce the graphs.

Please don’t forget this feature. I remember it too and came looking for it today.

Are there any plans for the graphs to return?

It’s been a while any progress on this awesome feature
once available here?

First of all, thank you very much for very interresting “toy”. I like very much to follow flights over my head and know what and where is flying the “thing” there up.

Following Flights comparing the situation on the FlightAware airport map and actual situation in the air I can see that there is relatively huge and non-costant delay. Consequently, I would like to see the Time Stamp on the airport map on the screen. Would be this possible?

Thank you. kind Regards,


The three hallmarks of an IT project:

  1. Takes longer than estimated
  2. Costs more than estimated.
  3. Doesn’t work quite as estimated.

Patience helps.

Personally, I think we should take our “toy” and go home… lol

The delay varies from 0 to 5 minutes depending on equipment and coverage region. Each aircraft can have a different delay, so we’d have to mark the time on each plane which would use a lot of screen real estate.

If you want more real-time info and are willing invest $50-$75 and a little effort, you might check into You won’t see everything, but at least you’ll get the ones sending ADS-B info.