Daily airport activity chart


Subject: Daily Airport Activity Chart expansion

Can this chart be exanded so that it is more readable…ie, click on it so that a larger version with more details can be viewed? :unamused:


Yes – click on the graph and it’ll take you here.


This should win the “Best Thread” award for 2006! Not trying to be rude but it’s still kinda funny. :open_mouth: :blush:


Well…I agree…best thread if I had not already tried to click on the graph for a larger more detailed version of it.

flightaware.com/analysis/graphs/ … rport=KPHX

Go to the above page. I’d like to see a larger version of the graph on the upper right of this set of graphs (In fact larger versions of all these graphs would make their details more readable.

The details per hour would become easier to identify and I’d be able to print out a larger version for others to review. It’s a great graph for airport activity. When I click on it (on the above page)nothing else comes up. Perhaps there is another larger version of it somewhere else on your web site and I am missing it.

Glad to provide an easy mark… 8)


Also…is there an ability to display these same graphs, particularly the one referred to as “Day”, with filtered results… if I wanted to look at flight activity for just one airline, or perhaps two or more, I could develop ad hoc reports? Perhaps this type of reporting is available with a pay version of your site, or again, perhaps I have missed it.


How about right click, save as??? File is in .png format where you then can import it into your favorite program to view.



I imported the file but it is the same size as the one displayed. I have Adobe photoshop but any increase in size for the graph results in pixelation.

I am just interested in having a larger sized “day” graph. It would show every hour on the x-axis and provide more detail as a result of its larger size.

I guess this is not available at this time. Thanks for all the suggestions.