Second time asking this question…once last year.
Can larger versions of the following graphs be obtained or are they only available to paying customers? … rport=KPHX

And yes, tried clicking on them and accomplishing a save as…not functionality is assigned to any of the charts. I would like to obtain larger versions of them or have the ability to sort them or change parameters on the fly by selecting a specific airline only for an airport if possible.


Hi Dave, there is no way to access those graphs in a larger file size for free, or to save and blow up because they have been intentionally encrypted for the purpose that, what your trying to do, you have to BUY them, by clicking the “Buy months of flight history in Excel format” to purchase historical data that will be delivered to your e-mail address in Microsoft Excel format…as for selecting only certain parameters such as a specific operator only to graph, it is unfortunately -not- a capability :frowning: …hope that answers your Q, since its been ignored for so long…lol… -Chris L., California

Funny… I just saved one using Firefox with no problem. I then double clicked the resulting PNG file and opened it. I was able to enlarge it to about 200% with good clarity.

Those charts, I imagine, take a lot of memory. If you really, really need them then go ahead and drop a dime or 2 or 300 on them.