Hey, let us not forget there is a Shuttle launch in about an hour. Video is available on NASA TV. Wish I was down at TTS.

airborne safely.

…but only for a few minutes.
Now spaceborne. :wink:

It’s amazing to me that I had NO idea there was a Shuttle launch today! How could such a thing ever become so routine? Enjoy watching the missions while you can folks…

PS Everyone should go out just before dawn tomorrow morning to check out the leonid meteor showers. Our planet and the space around it is just an absolutely awesome thing…

Viewing conditions were perfect here with clear skies and visibility unlimited.

imc here…nothing but greyand drizzle… sucks, didnt see a thing. :frowning:

I didn’t even know it was launching this soon. I thought it was in several weeks… Oh well… :unamused:

we’ve had this strange anomaly in South Florida, it seem that we have what is called an “overcast”. It’s something that I forgot existed since moving here.
This “overcast” blocked my view of the launch.
I was in Porta Plata yesterday, and was going to Cartersville GA and would’ve been in the air when it launched but we had to stop at FXE and never continued the flight

Ummmm, Captain!!! I do think you meant Puerto Plata. :wink: Lets not pull a Springsteen and forget/confuse where you are. :stuck_out_tongue:
As long as you punched in the correct airport code I guess your safe. :slight_smile:

Yeah I am spelling challenged, MDPP

That’s a sweet pic right there Will… Thanks!

And yeah JHEM got what I meant about the showers, must have been a Northeast condition (ie crystal clear skies this time of year)! Conditions were perfect for viewing. I didn’t see a very high rate, but the ones I saw were like lasers. 8)

Interesting. When I try to view this video I get a message that says "This video is not available in your country due to copyright restrictions. "



Yep. Got the same message.

  1. Got a view of a couple of meteors.Quick though. I think it is random every night.Anyone know how long it’s supposed to last?

There are meteors every night and day (although they are much harder to see during the day) of the year. If you are talking about the Leonids the peak was November 17.


My experience too.

Will, was that the video of the launch? If so, I guess NASA got their knickers bunched over someone re-posting their video. They do provide videos pretty reliably themselves, so re-posting on YouTube would be unnecessary.

This one is provided by user NASAtelevision in HD.

On the one hand, I am used to considering such things as public domain because they’re paid for by me via my government. I’ve seen govt and quasi-govt organizations treat their publications that way. On the other hand, some NASA civil servants I work with often claim proprietary rights for their ideas on behalf of the NASA center where they work. I confess I don’t know how copyright and proprietary data rights would apply to govt organizations like that.

Yes sir, it was of the launch…