I just wanted to make sure we all know the Space Shuttle Endeavour launches tomorrow morning (6/13) 7:17 AM EDT (1117Z) to deliver the final piece of the Kibo module. Should be a great mission.

Thanks, Red…setting my alarm…really…TC

I’ll admit I did not know that. I may have to watch the re-play cuz that’s 4:17 AM out here. I guess I could play through but then I’d start drinking beer and wouldn’t make it.

It’s called STS-127 actually.

It’s been scrubbed, less than 7 hr before launch. Gas leak.

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Yeah, I thought I put STS-127 but oh well. Hopefully, it can get off the ground Wednesday.

Right now, we have a NET Launch of June 17 at 5:40 AM EDT (0940Z). But, the LRO/LCROSS mission is also scheduled for the same day. I think it would be neat to go down to the Cape and see a Shuttle and an Atlas launch (but that would most likely not happen).

Nice, that would make it a night launch… 8)

Would be very neat, but the USAF needs 48 hours to reconfigure the range between different vehicles.

I guess I don’t understand. First, what does “reconfiguring the range” mean, and what is USAF’s role in this? Both missions are NASA’s, and they’re on neighboring launch pads. I thought NASA would make the decision.

NASA just said “NASA will decide Monday if the shuttle or LRO will launch 6/17.”

It could be that NASA has to coordinate with the adjacent Cape Canaveral Air Force Station launch facilities.

Since they are both NASA flights, NASA will make the call as which goes first. However, the Air Force runs the Eastern Range and it can support only one vehicle at a time. The USAF needs that time between different launches to reset tracking and support systems.

It is official. Space Shuttle Endeavour is now scheduled for a 5:40 AM liftoff on Wednesday May 17. Sunrise is expected at 6:25 AM. Thunderstorms are expected Tuesday night onto Wednesday morning and are expected to end around 2 AM.

welcome to Florida in the summer

The Shuttle goes VFR and without a known ETA FlightAware won’t track it.

Frank Holbert

REALLY??? :unamused:

Especially passing through class A airspace :smiling_imp:

I’m sure it gets clearance from ATC since the Shuttle’s is going to be flying at FL7412.

Wait…the shuttle can’t go VFR because it is going above FL180.

Well, that solved that problem.

Actually, at that level, it’s class E airspace so no clearance needed :wink:

It’s just that itty bitty detail passing through FL18 and FL60 where VFR ops are non existent.

Hmmm … m0302.html item B does shed a little different light. Maybe the Shuttle can go VFR through class A based on below excerpt???

Unless otherwise authorized, all persons must operate their aircraft under IFR