Help with strange P-3


Its either an A or B not sure, could not tell 100% without the belly Buoy chutes showing. But it didn’t look like it had them. No Belly radomes so not spook or Weather.

Ive multi 1000 hours so I’m pretty sure of the types :slight_smile:.

The strange thing is, the P3 was not painted in the current Ugly Grey. It was White on Navy Blue. Wings, bottom fuselage and tail Navy Blue. The rest White.

its was too far away to tell the tail code, but the nose number and tailcod were Yellow.



This one maybe ? … 965054.jpg


Blue was Darker, I wonder if another squadron is doing the Retro paint scheme.

Also the Tail code and nose number were definitely Yellow.

I was too far away here at Paine Field to see it and we are not allowed Cameras at Boeing unless its official stuff.