A couple of questions about aircraft at LAX on 3 Feb 10

Yesterday (3 Feb 10) I was at LAX. I noticed a couple of things that I hope someone could share some light on for me.

There was a 737 in the gray color scheme (see airliners.net/photo/United-A … 1631052/M/ for an example) with United painted out. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the registration. The aircraft was parked on the south side of the airport near the cargo area. Any ideas?

Are all of the ex-America West aircraft now painted in US Airways colors? I saw the tail with the America West colors on it. Didn’t see the rest of the aircraft. Is this what I saw: airliners.net/photo/US-Airwa … 1611445/M/


A. Another company bought the bird and using it for cargo.
B. Going in for a repaint at one of the shops near the cargo area.

My best guesses. W/O a tail number we may never know.

Yes…and more than likely.

Did it have ‘US Airways’ on the fuselage anywhere?

If so, what you caught was one of the special liveries for the airline. They recreated the ones for Piedmont, PSA, both AWE liveries, their States liveries, and football liveries.

AWE old Livery
Piedmont Livery
PSA Livery
AWE Last Livery


Saw only the tail. I’m aware of the special heritage aircraft. I just wanted the confirmation that all of the AWE aircraft were repainted. I’m pretty sure they are all in USA colors or one of the heritage colors.

It’s N202UA, and is being discussed on a.net in this thread:

airliners.net/aviation-forum … n/4696393/

Thanks, Concord. I couldn’t find any more information on this aircraft. I’ll have to keep checking airliners.net periodically to see if I can find anything else on it.

This is inevitably where someone comes in and asks what’s up with that mysterious Comco 757…

…it’s being disquised as a 737 of U…

Sorry. I misunderstood. I was thinking you saw the last AWE livery. If it was the original AWE livery you saw, then yes, it definitely was the heritage livery. All of AWE’s old livery was repainted with their last livery prior to buying USA.

All of their planes with the old livery were replaced with the new livery prior to the merge. The only ones that weren’t were their special liveries (Nevada, Arizona, Diamondbacks, Cardinals, Ohio, Coast to Coast, Working Together, and Muppets), and the B742 they briefly operated.