America West / US Airways

Will America West keep their own aircraft or will they eventually repaint all those pretty birds. Pretty sad I think. I’m guessing then that America West arena will then become US Airways Arena (Yuck) By the way… what did Braniff do with all their planes back in the day? thanks.

Yes, eventually there will be no more planes in HP colors, except for the special HP plane with US titles, that is already flying around, soon to be joined by the PSA, Allegheny, and Piedmont planes. There is still rumors going around about what is going to happen to the HP 757’s in the special liveries.

It’s already USAir Arena or whatever; Heard it a few days ago. :unamused:

Our whole sports environment here in AZ is lame as hell.

Lame as hell? I hear that hell is a pretty hot place. Sorry, couldn’t resist.