How segregated are America West/US Airways operations today?


It occured to me that it’s been quite a while since I’ve seen an America West paint scheme at Columbus. Just coincidence, or has the entire fleet been redone? US Airways also dropped the AWE name on their ar/dp boards in the past few weeks.

I live about eight miles dead west of the CMH runways, so can I hear most of the inbound PHX/LAS flights on eastbound approaches. it’s apparent that they still use former AWE A320’s most of the time.

Any updates are appreciated!


Mergers cost so much money both from the cost of buying an airline and changing the arrival boards, painting the airplanes etc. US/AW is one of the most disorganized airline mergers I have ever seen. Everything they could have gained could have been through codeshare.

I believe US in AW paint is just US AIRWAYS operating as american west (same american west seats, paint, FA uniforms). US Airways was quick however to change the name of the stadium in Phoenix.


They are still the same paint schemes as before for the most part. I have not seen them up close but most come right over at about 3000-4000 feet into KCMH and even without binocs I can see the AWE paint and logos.