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AA/US Repainting Planes

Does anyone wonder if AA/US will repaint all of the aircraft included in the merger in American’s new colors, or will they stay US Airways on US Airways colors and American Airlines colors on American Airlines planes?

See any old Northwest livery out there? How about original CO or UA (not counting the regionals)? Everything is the same… unless it’s some one off special livery like US and other airlines have done.

Everything will be painted in some sort of AA livery. Whether that’s the current “new” livery or they tweak it into a different “post merger” AA livery still hasn’t been decided.

I saw a newly painted AA plane in Tamps two days ago. I have only one word to describe it. AWFUL. I was stunned to see what it looked like in person and don’t like it at all. Maybe I am being a little old fashioned but I loved the way all the AA jets looked. But I guess everyone wants to think a new design looks better. Not a huge fan of the United/Continental combo either. :smiley:

In the case of American, only people with bad taste would think a new design would look better than a classic design.

I remember when Southwest did that with their planes. It took a lot of getting used to, but I can’t say I hate the design they came up with.

Hey at least AA totally changed it, unlike United with the ugly stickers and outdated CO livery.

I agree . As I said I wasn’t a big fan of the ‘new’ United logo. Serious lack of imagination . Americans is just hideous. I know that I have built up a well deserved reputation on here for knocking Delta to it’s knees every chance I get. But I will say this. When they redesigned their logo it so far is the best one. I think they managed to put a modern touch on it without being gaudy like Americans. For the life of me I can’t understand how the people at American can actually stand back. Look at that new design and say WOW . We really nailed it. We should all smoke whatever they were smoking when they all agreed to that . Sorry American. I love ya but you fell flat on this one. :open_mouth:

I think there are still some US Airways planes with the old livery on them, and that merger was years ago. It will take a long time.

I’d challenge you to find a mainline A/C that that isn’t sporting the new livery.

Oh a dare. Love them. :smiley:

First US aircraft in AA colors, A319


Notice small US flag on nosewheel doors, none used on original AA aircraft
Also still have to add “Operated by US Airways” near the front door


N700UW was the first A319 US took possession of in October of 1998. I guess it’s official, eh??? lol