New Colors


I don’t know if it’s out there but will United paint some of there fleet there old colors???


I think they are making the new ones the new color. Don’t know for sure.


I hope they do. How about you?


Yeah they needed a change. They look pretty cool. Here are a few pictures of the new colors.

Airbus A319-131:

Boeing 747-422

Boeing 777-222


I think you misunderstood what i was saying I’m saying do you think they will use there old colors again.


Oh, the old old ones… Yeah lack of communication there.


how was your trip Nitro


It was great but I was stuck in DCA for 5 hours because of Tornadoes and they gave our plane to another flight before us, then the plane they brought from the hanger had a broken gas guage so we waited on the plane for an hour until it was fixed. Made it home by 8pm. But I wondered around in the airport. Tennessee was GREAT :smiley: But the airport wasn’t as busy as last time I was there. But I’m leaving tomorrow morning to head to Green Bay so i’m going to try and sleep.


They’ve been using runway 19 most of the past week, except for a couple of hours here & there. Assuming your flight landed in that general direction, were you on the left side of the plane coming in?


Ok you confused me. I thought that they were making the new planes the NEW colors. Then you said you hope they do. :confused:


Let it go man…let it go…

We’ve moved on…


Are you talking about the “retro” colors like Lufthansa and American did?

I haven’t heard anything about United doing it.

I don’t consider US Airways has having “retro jets” because all they do is paint the aircraft in predecessor colors but keep the US Airways titles. In order to be true retro colors, they need to use titles of the airline such as PSA or Allegheny.


Anyway, and no I havn’t heard anything about it.


I mentioned quite a while back in a post that I would like to see the retro livery on some a/c, but I’m not gonna hold my breath on that one. I think UAL is kinda busy trying to stabilize their finances and plan future orders w/ the 787 and 737 replacement (797?) in development as they continue their emergence from Ch. 11.




I was on the left side both times but the second time that I was there I saw EVERYTHING!! But I did get stuck there for 5 hours but I made the best of times. :smiley: Guessing which flights would be cancelled and which one’s would leave on time.