New Express Jet

Here is the picture of the new Express Jet. I really like the colors of it, it reminds me of West Jet. I hope that there will be some coming into BTV sometime soon. :smiley:
Express Jet

That’s real sharp looking. Is it going to start flying for Continental Express with those colors?

I’m not sure if that will happen Newark if I can find information about this I will let you know. :smiley:

Disregarding the fact of the misplaced punctuation in the above, I think I know what Nitro is saying. However, he’s wrong. Newark asked if the colors were changing. He did not say they were changing.

Dami I’m not quite sure what you are talking about??? :laughing: :wink:

Okay. That’s the Damiross I know.
But I have to say I agree with him again. This day must end soon.

After writing that, I read in the paper over dinner that they will be offering their own service, a la Independence, and I assume that’s what this plane is for.

Here’s an article that describes it in more detail.

I believe that ExpressJet will be gradually (or maybe not so gradually) be phased out as “Continental Express.” I’ll have to find the source on that. I do know for a fact that Chatauqua (I probably spelled that wrong) will take over most, if not all, of the Continental Express ops out of KCLE. The lousy part of this is that Continental is “losing” the ERJs for Chatauqua’s CRJs, which in my ever-so-humble opinion is a definite downgrade. :angry:

I believe they are still arguing over 2007 compensation, so I would assume the results of those talk would have a lot to do with how much longer they operate for CO.

So could this mean that COA Express Jet will be slowly fading and the ERJ’s will turn into CRJ’s??? God I hope not the ERJ-145 is the greatest RJ around.

It is not the best for the taller folks. I don’t like to fly in planes where I have to watch so my head doesn’t meet the ceiling.

True, but for me (6’3"), I’d rather watch my head for the 15 seconds of walking the aisle than bend my neck/back that much farther (in a CRJ) to look out the window for the entire flight! To each, his own; I guess.

those colors are so ulgy together; that is not very inviting

I disagree, I think the colors compliment each other rather well. The fact that orange and green are across from each other in the color wheel, the dark grey really ties them together in an authentic, comforting kind of way.

Independence Airlines Part Deux.

If you looked at the new Continental Express CRJ-200 it is an old Independence Air. Just saying that, I miss Indy Air but at leased there old aircraft are still in use (at leased) this one is. :confused:

I saw the new scheme at the COEX MX hanger at IAH on Sunday afternoon 01/28/2007 parked amongst some other 145’s with the spiderwed painted over. Not a big fan of the new scheme though, reminds me of the Miami Dolphins!

What do you mean spiderweb painted over???

That ugly global thing on the tail of their planes.

I will pretend I didn’t hear that!! Because I happen to be a big Continental Fan. But we all have are own opinions.