American makeover


Good grief, what are they smoking?


Not real fond of it, maybe it will look better in person. I would like to see some of the other designs they rejected, most had to be better than this. Don’t get the logo either.


This is hideous.


Beyond bad.


I happen to like it. It’s modern looking. Their old livery was outdated.


I love it! :smiley:


+1 :wink:


Anybody know the flight schedule?

Still shows in VCV.

Photo Courtesy of FlightAware.com


according to the video on the website, the “block eagle” dates from 1968 (which surprised me, I thought it was closer to 1986)

while I’m glad they kept something of the legacy with the stylized eagle (blue upper wing, white head, red lower wing), it is not really evident … and the striped tail really is awful


Here’s the tail number of the 777 … /KDFW/KMIA


Would have looked good if the blue stripes were on the trailing side.

Another tradition goes down the tube.


Unfortunately, the fuselage looks like Spirit Air, and I dont think AA would want to be confused with that airline.


Thank you!!


I hope not. Spirit air kinda sucks. I had a horrible experience. Flew back on UAL instead.


Not outdated - it was a classic. It’s like removing the Jaguar symbol from the car.

It appears the young folks are this change and use wiser, older folks aren’t.


Define young? I’m 49, appreciate the classic look but love the new one…


Exception proves the rule? :slight_smile:

Remember when most airlines had cheat lines along their fuselage? They always added something to the colors. Now another cheat line goes down the drain.


Anybody know the real reg and/or fleet number of this 757?

At least we now know who was responsible for this abomination…[/quote]


Ok, looks like N670AA…

but that plane was retired in 2011 and shows stored at Roswell.

Not sure what is going on. Maybe they flew it out just to experiment with the paint colors?


Or painted it at ROW?