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Why not a retro TWA/NWA paint scheme?!

As a child I often flew out of KSJC to KSTL on TWA. I have many good memories on that airline and it will always hold a special place in my heart and mind. I have often wondered why AA doesn’t do a TWA paint scheme on one of their aircraft. I know United has a retro United paint scheme, a Pedimont paint scheme and a Continental paint scheme. Even U. S. Airways has a retro American West paint scheme! So why doesn’t AA do the same?? Or Delta for that matter! Since they acquired NWA I think it would be awesome to see a 757 in NWA colors again :smiley:


Parker announced they will do retro TWA and of all things Reno Air liveries as they finish the US/AA merger.

Oh wow! I totally forgot about Reno Air! I’m happy about the TWA scheme though :smiley:

About bloody time. And now if they can also keep the AWE (they need to make two of these), PSA, ALO, and PDT liveries, that would be even better.


I concur! I just really want to see airlines pay homage to the many airlines that paved the way for the commercial airline industry.

That’s the plan. Wonder if they’ll keep the Steelers? Pickup Cowboys? Dolphins??? Parker likes his logojets…

Here’s the article in the USAirways Mag… They’re going to keep one in US and also going to do AirCal

nxtbook.com/nxtbooks/pace/us … st2014/#/8


I can see them keeping some of them. Steelers, Cardinals, Eagles, and Panthers will stay for obvious reasons outside of NFL marketing agreements. The ones that will come up for debate would be the Arizona and Nevada state liveries. AZ might stay because of it being USA’s hub and corporate offices, but NV would be more on the chopping block. They operated that one because of the hub they used to have there, which is now next to nothing.

They appear to have dropped the Diamondbacks and Ohio liveries. I would think that Nevada would be next… Cowboys could be an option…


America West is first:

twitter.com/americanair/status/ … 4108413952

Awesome! It’ll take some getting used to for me but I’m glad they’re leaving that scheme:D

Very cool. I hope they do their desert canyon livery as well, and not just this one.


Doubtful… if they do it like Parker did with US/AWE they’ll do one per “acquiree” and throw in a few sports teams… Cowboy? Dolphins? Marlins? Rangers?


Ugh… I see what you mean… This would mean one each of AWE, USA, TWA, ROA, PDT, ALO, and PSA, then the sports. If they still have the huge presence at JFK, they could bring back AWE’s New York livery, though I’d love for them to bring back the Muppets livery.


Back in my days when PAN AM were around I flew them a lot from the B707’S B747’S B747SP aircraft long haul. Even though this was the original airline that made jet age history and broke the world record attempts flying non stop around the globe. Why doesn’t one of the American carriers repaint the PAN AM logo or the name on the aircraft. Would dearly love to see the PAN AM planes come back. I herd they copyright owner was Boston Marine Airways if that is correct. We had some good old american carriers gone but not forgotten. I wonder if they will ever bring PAN AM back on a airline or aircraft.

The Pan Am trademark is owned by a small railroad in the northeast.

It would be nice to see the PAN AM logo on aircraft again not so much a rail road box.

This is exactly what I mean! To see a modern aircraft with a Pan Am paint scheme would totally bring me to my knees. I am hopeful though:)

Boston Maine at one time operated an airline named Pan Am.

I’ve seen several retro color schemes on various airlines. In most cases the ones that were going back to the piston age look awful. The design was meant for a, lack of a better word, bulky aircraft with straight edges, not the streamlined lines of a jet.

I worked at Boston Maine here at KPSM until they imploded. Despite being a train wreck of an airline (pun intended) our 727s looked gorgeous in the Pan AM colors!

We also “flew” a fleet of J31s and 2 CASA C-212s…

Not as nice as in the days when cheatlines were the rule rather than the exception:

If you don’t OWN the copyrights of a defunct airline you can’t use the paint scheme on anything.