COA Goes Retro for 75th Anniv

Co-Workers to vote on a retro painted 739ER

Here’s some examples: … d=00011175

I would go for the late 50s “Golden Jet” livery. Ah, yes, the scared bird with the brass ass.

the one in the middle looks like the paint job on the planes that continental got when they bought out frontier. the original frontier.

Late 60s (5th one down from the top) would be my pick.

I like the late 60’s too.

Well the options are out
Options are Left to Right

A: Blue Skyway (Blue Skyway was introduced after World War II.)

B: Thunderbird (Thunderbird was introduced in 1958.)

C: Golden Jet (Golden Jet was popular in the 1960s.)

D: Contrails (Contrails was used from 1968 until 1991.)

Employees have till Feb 19th to vote/change.

Here they are:

If the meatball is red on the tail, that’s my vote. Of course I don’t think my vote counts.

I am torn between the Golden Jet and Thunderbird. I like the idea of some of the airlines doing retro schemes. I’d like to see a big purple FX 10 again.

I just thought of something…while I love to see these retro jets, if it means I’m not going to see a pay increase to help repaint a couple planes then I say leave the scheme alone. :wink:

Saw US Airways in the old Piedmont colors at BUF last week.

Same here. Late 50s.

I like the 50s color scheme but I don’t think it translates well to a modern jet.

I love this! Shame though. Since it is Continental, only a select few cities in the US will see it because they rely on regionals so heavily. I think they should’ve repainted one of the EMB145’s that way almost anyone could see it!!! :unamused:

I think they all look like crap, the current livery beats them all.