United retrojet


airliners.net/photo/United-A … 1896864/M/

Sweet. I have always thought that was the best UA scheme.




I never really cared for that scheme, I guess because I grew up with the tricolor and tulip. That said though, this 'Bus looks awesome!


United Retro

and old United!!!


Very cool!!! I would love to see FedEx paint 1 of our new B777 Big Purple!! OR a half Flying Tigers 1/2 Federal Express purple…THAT would kick ass!!


Those two liveries are actually slightly different and the one on the Caravelle there was offered as a choice for employees.

The livery on the A320 is based off the DC-10’s from the late 70’s.


Amen on the Flying Tigers idea! I’d say go full Flying Tigers on a Triple Seven! Polished Aluminum and that big F on the tail.


'Twas a T.


touche , you’re right! At any rate that’d be a nice retrojet


It also looks somewhat like the livery AA has for years now… Except for the bare metal part.