Should United Airlines do a retro scheme on the 747?


Anyone curious what the stars and bars would look like on the 747? :smiley:


Which previous scheme are you talking about? United has had several during its lifetime.

The stars and bars have been on United 747’s.


Just Stars & Bars.


Please locate a picture of the stars and bars. I thought the example I provided was the stars and bars.


Yes, the picture you posted was stars and bars.


I think it would look great on 747-400’s. It would be much better than that gray crap United uses.


You think you hated that? well the COA/UAL scheme looks horrible, but with one acceptance it looks good on the E170’s.


As a planespotter, this question is a no brainer! :smiley:


I liked how it looked on Airbus they had.


Stars and bars livery would be a nice sight.


Yes, but it isn’t just United that they should/will do.

For the most, out of the two, UAL has had the most livery changes. To my knowledge, COA has only had 2. If they were to do a retro scheme, they could go about it how USA/AWE did, and make liveries for all 5 liveries (that includes Friendship and Shuttle By), plus COA’s mothball. Shuttle By would look cute (read: funny but cute) on the E170s/E190s, and the mothball would look retro-cool on a B787.



It was the Meatball, not the Mothball - Mothballs are white.

The A320 painted in the Friendship livery was the result of a vote among employees.

I highly doubt they will do a retro scheme on a 747. If anything, they’ll just do another airbus or 737.


And which meatball scheme? They had a red one and a black one.


A retro sheme would look nice. They should do the Continental retro scheme on one 747 and the United retro scheme on another. After all, Continental’s history is now part of United’s history.


I love the retro livery and I think lots of airlines should have more than one plane with the retro livery


U.S Airways has more than one in retro clrs.


Actually, looking at an edition of Airliner World, I did notice that UAL painted an A320 with the Friendship livery: … 177&nseq=0 … 909&nseq=1

It doesn’t look that bad on an A320. It would look sweet on a B787, though.



Thanks to all who just confirmed what I thought I saw as I was walking to my car at ORD on Sunday (A320 with stars/bars retro logo on final approach). I thought I was just having delusions of the “good old days” or something. I also feared needing to tap into my Vision benefits sooner than expected.

And now to show my age, that logo has significance to me because my first plane ride as a kid was a UAL ORD-CLE (or it may have been ORD-CAK, if there was such a route way back when ???) flight and I vividly remember it had that logo.