Old Color Livery


Wouldn’t it be cool if airlines would paint a couple planes with old color liverys. Like if United painted a 747-400 or 777 in their “Friendship Livery” or Continental painted a 777 or a 757 with the “Meatball” Colors. I know American has 737’s with the old “Astero Jet” colors. It hasn’t been long since Delta got rid of there OOC on their planes. I just think this would be cool if airlines did this. Just on a few planes, not the whole fleet. And i know color liverys aren’t the top priority on the airlines to do list.

I just thought this would be interseting to talk about!
Please share other airlines and other color liverys!


Several airlines have down this. American, as you mentioned, did. So did Air Canada. However, the old liveries just don’t look as good on, say, an A320 as it did on a Dc-4 or DC-8. American’s “Retrojet” did look good because it was on a 757 and a 737 which are similar to the 707, albeit 2 less engines.


One of Southwest’s 737s is painted as ‘Shamu, the Whale’. Shamu is kept at Sea World’s theme park in San Antonio.

I believe Alaska and America West has also painted special planes. One of the airlines painted a plane in honor of an NBA team that charters it (may have been AWE).


Southwest has a bunch of speciality planes with various themes celebrating a bunch of states and other things.


I believe Alaska and America West has also painted special planes.

Many airlines throughout the world have special colorschemes. There’s Shamu and the “state series” of Southwest that as been mentioned, along with Alaska’s taxpayer-paid-for Salmon Fish color scheme and privately sponsored Disney plane. There are also many airlines using their aircraft as flying.

The original questions for discussion was about so-called “retro” colorschemes. Outside of American and Air Canada, what other airlines have done this?


America West has several specially painted planes. Arizona Cardinals, Diamondbacks and some to commemorate cities. It is unknown whether these will continue or be re-painted as US Airways.


They are going a step further, painting a Piedmont, Allegheny, PSA and old HP livery.

americawest.com/awa/content/ … itage.aspx


That’s a great idea. It’s cool that US Airways is doing that. I wonder when we’ll the first heritage plane painted.


Cannot forget Delta’s Powder Puff Girls paint job! Spirit had an interesting 10 anniverse paint scheme to.