Another Theme US Airways Plane


The new Arizona Cardinal Plane



I like both of them!


If you look on the 757 page, you can see that it was repainted into the standard US Airways colors.

The A319 is ok, but I like the look of the Eagles one more.


OK, so they covered PHL with the eagles plane, PHX with the cards, up next CLT and the Panthers???


I’d like to know what the Cardinals have done (EVER) to warrant painting so much as a golf cart in their team colors!! :smiling_imp:

Yes, I know, it’s because of US/AWE’s hub in KPHX. Just attacking because I can. I’m still a little miffed that they repainted the “Ohio” 757 to the standard US livery.


Wheres the Cowboy’s??? RedSox??? Bruins??? I love these kinds of paint jobs. Do you think that an airline will ever paint planes to match every state???


(Answers in order of the questions)

1)It’s a wonder that SWA hasn’t painted a Cowboys plane with their Dallas ties and all. American doesn’t seem to be too big on special paint schemes.

2)Most of America (outside of NE and NE transplants) hates the Red Sox about as much as we, I mean they ( :smiling_imp: ) hate the Yankees. Of course, that evil empire had a plane painted in pinstripes (I think?), so why not? :angry:

3)The Bruins livery would look cool, but, sadly, there aren’t enough folks who care about hockey (or would even recognize who the Bruins are) in the States.

4)Unlikely. You’ll have to be satisfied with the U-Haul trucks for now.


The closest I know of any Yankee plane is this one. If anyone has any pictures of any other ones, I’d like to see them.


I thought for sure I had seen one… Getting old sucks. Anyhow, I did come across this Cowboysscheme, although it’s old and not too glamorous by today’s standards. Gotta love the '27 though!