One more US Airways themed plane


US Airways will be painting a plane int the Carolina Panthers colors. I wonder if we will see a Pittsburgh Steelers or another Arizona DiamondBacks plane.


I wonder what others will say about this item post in the NA section rather than Airlines section.

In an effort to save the day… I flew a SWA Shamu 737-700 from SEA to MDW last week. Here is the flight track of a themed plane. Hopefully this will now qualify as notable activity. :laughing:


I saw a USAirways Philly Eagles themed jet at Tampa Int.Got pics of it in my cellphone. If anyone is interested I will get them up.I fueled the flight under protest being what else a NY Jets fan


Here’s a shot of the Eagles colorscheme:


What does a Jet fan have against the Eagles? (I’m a Jet fan as well :wink:)


I just read that there we be a Pittsburgh Steelers plane.


Steelers??? Who are they? I know the refs though.

If they wanted to do that, they should have done it 349 days ago.