NFL team planes?

anyone have any info on NFL charters?

i know there is a thread about MLB teams but didnt see anything on NFL teams…preseason is right now so some are flying-any tail #'s?

thanks for any info

I’m with you on that. COWBOYS!!! and TITANS!!! ALL THE WAY

US Air is supposed to get a A319 painted in the Philadelphia Eagles colors.

People People People… Use the search feature! … sc&start=0

Teams and other aircraft are in there.

Too bad you can’t fit an NFL team on a 319. The Eagles and the Oakland Raiders both chartered Delta 767s when they flew to CAK for the Hall of Fame game a couple of weeks ago. There was also a jetBlue A320 chartered CAK-OAK about 12 hrs. after the DL jets left. I’m not sure who that would have been, but I imagine that had something to do with the game as well.

Good point, even baseball teams, which have hardly as much equipment and personnel, charter 738’s and the occasional 757. Maybe the coaching staff and star players will fly on the A319, but that’s about it. :wink:

Yeah go TITANS!!!


Here is a list of what all the NFL teams did last year. … highlight=

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